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I can see clearly now

Ok. So there is nothing particularly striking about these images. They really do look like any of the hundreds of Pike Place Market shots I have done over the years. But these really are special. 

I started wearing glasses in 1990 after having surgery for a detached retina the year before. Aside from a brief flirtation with contacts at that time, I have pretty much been wearing glasses while awake for 25 years. Every single paid photograph I have taken for 10 years was seen through a pair of glasses.


Today was the first day I went shooting without my glasses on. Yeah, it doesn't sound like a big deal. But my eyes are the main instruments I use to express myself, and for my entire career there literally has been a barrier between my eyes and the camera. Maybe it's all mental, but I felt closer to my work when I was shooting today. I feel like removing the physical barrier of my eyeglasses removed a mental barrier as well.  I suppose if there was such a big difference the images would be better by some measure. But they look the same, it's me that is seeing things differently. I have to make the work reflect that.