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A shadow is cast on the heavy plastic that covers the windows at Pike Place Market. 

It was a long week. I always look forward to the moments where there is limited responsibility, the rare moments where it's ok to just live in the moment. It wasn't 10 minutes after the week was over that I was in the car and on my way downtown to take photos. It was a beautiful evening, and the streets were teeming with tourists and locals. I didn't get a ton of photos, but the ones I got I really like. 

This is the time of the year where a well timed trip to Pike Place Market could result in great photos. In the late afternoon the sun is low and and makes its way through the west facing windows. With proper exposure settings, it is possible to capture some nice shots with heavy backlight. 

Buckets of flowers. Click the image to enlarge.

A woman prepares an arrangement for a customer.